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Welp, if anyone was still in denial, this title proves that the show has officially gone beyond the published books. :P I hear rumors that book six, THE WINDS OF WINTER, miiiiight be published by the end of this year, but who knows. It is what it is.

But speaking of the books, this episode confirms a very, very popular fan theory about a certain character’s parentage. :P And the show produced high-caliber material on several levels. That first extended scene in King’s Landing carried all of the mounting tension that I felt when reading the Red Wedding buildup in the books. The music, “Light of the Seven,” was so new and so haunting that not only has the show used it for season 7 promotion; it was also the backdrop for a preview of Tom Cruise’s stupid-looking mummy movie. :P Several storylines reappeared to get in their final positions of the season; new leaders rose to prominence and old ones took major leaps. There’s a lot at stake at the macro level of politics and the supernatural, but also the micro level of interpersonal relationships.

No episode is perfect, and I have a quibble here or there, but overall, what a fantastic season finale. I can’t believe you made me wait over a year for the next (and penultimate!) chapter, HBO, but we are finally heeeere! :D

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Man oh man. If there’s any part of this season where all of my feels reside, it’s here. This is the Sansa Show. OK, fine, there are large set pieces featuring warriors in battle, particularly personified by Jon vs Ramsay. It’s also worth noting the level of detail the showrunners put into production; this was their first, fullscale medieval battle without Walls or water in the way.

They apparently took a lot of inspiration from the American Civil Wars (piles of bodies so high that they were an obstruction on the battlefield) and Hannibal vs the Romans (spoilers!) Though for all of its impressive elements, there is something a little anticlimactic about this battle. Unless you’re a sadist, there’s really no question about who you should be rooting for.

There’s even some time to build up teasers for the final episode, as per the Davos/Melissandre tension and the entire ten minutes we spent in Meereen. And, more harrowingly, there’s a death that really gives me pause about the future books. Too spoilery to get to over the cut, but yeah. Talk about an uncertain world for book readers.

Sansa’s story arc and character development have skewed from the books, perhaps the most out of anyone’s. I have a lot of feelings about that, and about what went down with her this episode. But at the moment, given current entertainment news as I write this recap, I can’t help but think of her as Wonder Woman during THAT scene (not the final one; the other one :P). Or, more precisely, she’s my Wonder Woman, the female character who inspires me more than any comic book super hero (Jean Grey included. :P) We all have our biases—what speaks to us about being heroic in an oft-unjust world.

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