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Friends Only Notice


This journal is locked. If you are interested in my public presence online, my @chavalahh twitter is a good gateway.
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Hi. I just saw your comment to my post at WeirdJews. Add me?

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Sure! Always glad to meet new people in the DC area. :)


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I'm a queer jew new to the area. I came across your journal by seredipity (weirdjews) and was wondering if you'd like to add me/me add you?

I don't know many folks in the I'm looking for people.



Re: hi!

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Sure. Welcome to the area!
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I think I know you but I'm not sure. You look kind of familiar. I think I might have texted you by accident once? After that kid Harry gave me your number? Anyway, Padma pointed me here. So I thought I would friend you since I'm new to this whole dreamwidth thing even though I've had my account for well over a year. I've just never used it.

You probably think this is really strange. I'll stop rambling now.

Add me?